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Temporarily no longer offering services, 
(as of Dec '13)
though I may proofread still. Feel free to send an inquiry. 


Print * ePub/Nook & Kindle * Proofreading


Looking for help getting started publishing your own work and you don't know where to turn?


If you are like me, when editing and finalizing my own work I find getting a good second opinion from someone with an ability to point things out to me is sometimes difficult to do. I will give someone I trust a copy of a manuscript, and when they are finished I ask for any opinions, errors, or what have you, and frequently I will get nothing more that 'yeah, it's good. I like it," along with a maybe a few obvious typo's or spelling errors. That is helpful, but not in an objective enough manner to help me to be able to improve my work enough to raise it to a professional level.

What I am looking for myself is objective criticism; someone willing to point out not only typos and spelling & grammatical errors, but also let me know things like: How the story works. Does it read smoothly and easily? Where are the rough patches that need work? Are the characters and settings believeable enough, are they fleshed out sufficiently? Is it interesting enough to hold your attention? Is there anything you wanted more of? Things that were too lengthy and boring? I could go on, but you get the picture.

What I am offering you is an opportunity to have a good, objective criticism of your work.


Additionally I can also help you turn your manuscript into a print book and an ePub file for e-readers such as the Barnes and Noble Nook and the Amazon Kindle.



Please email me a query letter.

Include a short synopsis of your work as a cover, such as a few lines or paragraphs describing the work. I am not looking for 'the perfect query letter', but I would like good grammar and spelling as it will reflect the body of your work. Also include approximate word count of your full document. Please do not mail me your complete manuscript at this time.

If you want send your work with the query letter, please send only the first 10 pages of your work (not including any front matter before the beginning of the story). Preferred format is .doc or .docx format, though any common format will work, such as RTF, OPF, or even PDF.

I will make a determination from there as to whether I will be able to take on your project or not.

*At this time I am not setup to actually publish your work for you, though I can point you in the right direction for doing so yourself.

 Submit your query now!


Description and prices of services offered



I'll help you get your manuscript ready for printing in book form. This does not mean a comprehensive edit, though I will point out things I notice.

$.0015/per word, $25 minimum


ePub/Nook/Kindle formatting

I'll help you get your manuscript ready for distribution for e-readers that use the ePub format, such as the B&N Nook as well the Amazon Kindle (which is formatted differently). This does not mean a comprehensive edit, though I will point out things I notice.

$.001/per word, $25 minimum



I'll read through your manuscript once and make notes of spelling and grammatical errors I see along the way, as well as any other errors that I may catch. I'll offer suggestions and give you my thoughts and opinions. This is not a comprehensive editing, but rather another set of eyes. Additionally, this is not print or ePub formatting.

Flat rate of $25


Full package

Once over, Print, and eReader formatting.

$.002/per word, $25 minimum



When the job is completed I will post reviews for your work at and at no extra charge when the project is complete and your book is posted for sale.

If you would like me to just read your work and post a review, I will consider it. Send me a message with a link to your book and we can discuss it further.


Foreign language translations into English

Unfortunately I am unable to assist in this matter, however if your manuscript is already in English I will be willing to take a look and give you a quote. Due to the potential amount of work involved in correcting works of this nature additional costs may be incurred.

I do speak Japanese so I may be interested in simple Japanese to English translations. Please inquire.


What is not included

Packages do not include a print copy of the final work, nor do they include cover art. If you would like test copy sent to you, prices would be based on book length. Please inquire if interested.

Research is up to you, the author. I will verify no sources nor do any legwork in this regards.


*I reserve the right to adjust my rates according to the work required, but this will be discussed, if deemed so neccesary. This does not occur in most instances.


Dave Fackrell Illustration & Design
 Dave Fackrell Illustration & Design


 You did a great job! I spent the entire day poring over your notes and
making amendments to the piece. It astonished me how many finger
blunders I had overlooked.

Thanks Hazen

Ricardo Moedano

Stargazers I and II

 "Hazen is a pleasure to work with, generous with his time, and truly committed to helping authors succeed. He pointed me toward similar books that I can refer to when promoting my own, and his well-structured review helped me rewrite my synopsis. I will definitely be turning to him when I need proofreading and feedback on my next book."

Mark McClelland,


I found Hazen’s services to be extremely helpful in improving my book and increasing sales. He was able to point out some issues with my e-book formatting that I corrected.  Second, he found some errors in my content missed by several proofreaders. Hazen also posted an excellent review of my book that helped increase sales. 

Luther Maddy,

Two years on the Run




My services are intended to assist you in developing a professional looking product. Any opinions and suggestions I make are intended solely for helping you improve your work. They are in no way intended as defamitory, descriminatory, or negatively critical. It is simply an outside opinion and nothing more.


*Publishing, editing, sales, and marketing

This is not an editing service, though I do offer sevices that are similar to editing. I cannot guarantee that your work will sell, though I certainly hope that I will be able to help you improve those chances by offering a format that is quality and professional looking. I do publish my own work, but at this time I am not able to publish anyone elses work, though I am able to help you get set up to be able to publish for yourself. Print and epub prep services means I will only help you format your manuscript.

I do not offer ISBN's as part of my services.

Additionally I do not cover sales and marketing. This is something you will need to pursue on your own.


**Once-over rate is limited to the first 75,000 words. Additional words charged at the rate of $.001 per word.

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