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6/18/2013  This Week's review 


Dark Shift

Rick Polito

I must say first off that I normally do not read vampire and werewolf stories, but this story intrigued me and I am glad I took a shot at it. This is the exiting debut novel by Rick Polito, periodic ghost writer for George Takei.

Drake Copeland is just your average teenager--except for the fact that he prefers the back of class so he won't get noticed, has no living father, his mother disappeared years ago, and he is now stuck in the foster system with adults who use him as a paycheck. His best friend is the only person in the school who ever pays him any attention-- that usually amounts to her telling him to "Shut up, loser." 

Yeah, life was grand for Drake Copeland. And then he noticed weird things happening at school--to the school--but sticking to his low profile, he never tells anybody. Everyone else kept quiet too or maybe somebody could have prevented it from happening. It? Yes. When it happened. Drake and three classmates are the only kids who didn't bring permission slips for the all-school field-trip and get left behind in the empty school with the science teacher.

When they hear a loud hum and see the walls rippling like Jell-O, they black out and wake up to discover they aren't `in Kansas' anymore. What they find is not only unbelievable, but potentially deadly. Their school has crashed down in a post-apocalyptic landscape where the sky buzzes with dark static. Nightmares of the greatest proportions manifest themselves. Civilization is gone and Drake and his companions must navigate through a hellish maze of desolation in order to find out just exactly what happened--all the while struggling to stay alive. 


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