About smallmark books

I'm an author and publisher of many genres, mostly of my own work.

I also offer services assisting other authors in getting their work published in both print and electronic formats.

On the side I'm rebuilding a 1967 Triumph GT6


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A little bit more about smallmark books.

I started looking for big publishing houses that would take on my work but ran into many roadblocks, including rejections with no explanation. Other methods I tried were vanity publishing houses, but those places charge you a lot just to get your book printed, with no guarantee of even one sale.

Since then I have discovered a number of sources to get my work printed cheaply and easily, with no minimun investment required. That's right. No money down. No need to purchase 1000 copies of my own work.

It works best for me, as I am able to buy even just a single copy if I so desire. I am also able to sell direct to friends, family, and other potential buyers, with outlets such as Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, and the Apple iBookstore.

As I have learned the ropes publishing for myself I am now able to help other people in similar predicaments.


About the name:

smallmark books (yes, both lowercase) came about from a 'company name' I started writing on handmade greeting cards I sometimes grace my family with, the first use being when I was a teenager. It was originally intended as a play on Hallmark greeting cards as I wanted to have something of my own on the back of the card that would make my mother chuckle. When I got into self publishing it just naturally fit, though instead of smallmark cards, I chose to use smallmark books.


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