Inverted Orbits, an open format for publishing short stroies
Please note: This page is under development. If you happened across it and there are no links, or would like a free electronic copy of volume 1 please feel free to email me by clicking on the 'contact me'  or 'books' button at the top of this page.
Current Issue
Vol one
Inverted Orbits is a publication I developed to showcase my own short stories. I have decided to expand it to include other interested authors.

I am looking for additional work for upcoming issues.
The idea behind Inverted Orbits is to showcase stories that are off the beaten path. Odd, humorous, quirky, strange...your imagination is the only limit.

All genres and ages welcome. I also accept art submissions.

Share your dreams, real-life, or fictional stories. Fantasy. Sci-fi. Humor. Mystery. Drama. Poetry. History, future, or present day. Time Traveling. (Did I miss anything?)

Unlike other publications, Inverted Orbits is free for digital download. (Paper copies will be made available for a charge, based on the length of the volume. I don't know about you, but there is just something to be said about having a physical copy of your own work right in your hands.)

Now accepting submissions for volume two.

Submissions not fitting into volume two's guidelines (see below) will be saved for future volumes.
Volume 1 contents

Alex Wardle
   My Life
Hazen Wardle
   Digital Mayhem
   Leaving Luna
   Oversized Fishing
   The Rift of Arthur MacDugal
Tom J. Ferguson
   An Astronaut for My Birthday
   Jill’s Forest

Cover art:
Chalk on black paper, by Hazen Wardle.
Inspired by the story Jill's Forest

Volume 2
Currently in the works. Submit your work now.

Normall I won't do themes, but this volume's theme is the Sol System.
All stories will have a theme based around the major bodies of the solar system. However they fit into the theme is fine. Some of the stories I have written I have given the heavenly bodies personalities, and others they are just inanimate objects where the setting is.

Take a stab at it and send me a submission.

I am not limiting the stories to one per celestial body as I do not know what the length of each work will be.

I am currently working on more stories for this volume, though there is no set release date.

Though I have an idea for the cover art though I will be willing to look at submissions.
Other artwork for the interior will be considered.

Tentative contents

Asteroid belt
Oort Comet cloud
none yet
none yet
none yet
How Earth Got it's Moon
None yet
Terran or Martian
none yet
Ring Racing
none yet
none yet
none yet
Comet Riders
Submission Guidelines:

Simply mail a copy to me and I will review it and let you know.
I will not accept anything that are gratuitously violent, vulgar, or of sexual nature. If you are unsure, send me a letter of inquiry and we can discuss it. I also cannot accept fan-fiction.
Full color artwork will be considered but artwork used in the interior will be printed in black and white. in the print version. eBook versions will have full color available for color ereaders like the Nook Color and Kindle Fire.

(These guidelines are subject to change without notice)

Note and disclaimer. Inverted Orbits and smallmark books  are not making any money off of this publication and is in no wise capable of paying authors for their submissions. This is a strictly voluntary basis. Inverted Orbits is intended only to be a simple showcase for your work. Acceptance to be published simply gains the author print space on the pages. Acceptance does not guarantee author's a print copy of the book. This will need to be purchased by the individual. smallmark books allows all authors to retain full legal rights and copyright.

Due to legal issues involved fanfiction submissions will not be accepted, unless it is based on my work (anything published by smallmark books. Please inquire if you wish to do so.)

By submitting your work to smallmark books for inclusion in Inverted Orbits you agree to the above guidelines, which are subject to change at any time and without individual notification.

Inverted Orbits is available via, iBookstore, and for free download. Kindle version is availble through this site for free or through for US $.99. Due to printing and shipping charges print copies cannot be made free.
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