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Evolutionary Meltdown

Evolutionary Meltdown

**under contract with publisher**

Think you know your ancient world history? Think again.

Trensnit is a human who lived thousands, if not millions of years ago, but he will make you think twice of what life was really like so many years ago. Ever wonder where man or the dinosaurs or even hot chocolate came from? So has our hero, Trensnit. 

But, Trensnit has bigger things on his plate. He has reason to belive the oppressive theocratic goverment that rules over the land has been teaching false doctrine to the people and he determines it's time someone does something about it. 

Follow Trensnit and his freinds as they battle clerics and oppressive dogma in their search for the truth. The answers they find will certainly surprise you.





From the Files of Resche Plimpton, Vol 1

The Triumph Detective

Under contract with new publisher, due out the end of 2013 with a revamped cover. Stay tuned!
Links and prices will be updated accordingly.

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From the Files of Resche Plimpton, Vol 2

Resche Plimpton:Guitar Thief

Under contract with new publisher, due out 2014 with a revamped cover. Stay tuned!

Links and prices will be updated accordingly.

From the Files of Resche Plimpton, Vol 3

Bigfoot, Triumph Enthusiast 

Under contract with new publisher

Links and prices will be updated accordingly.


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Inverted Orbits Vol 1

Inverted Orbits vol 1

Inverted Orbits, Vol 1 is an anthology of quirky short stories by 3 upcoming authors. Most of these stories are sci-fi related, but all are a bit off-beat.

They are quirky, humorous, sad, and sometimes even poignant. The authors of Volume one will take you on a ride across the galaxy and through your own backyard. Dreams abound, and when you wake, is it truly reality? Ride on a hover-bike in the future, or go shopping on Mars and then visit an orphanage on the moon. Please enjoy this simple collection of short stories as you hurtle through space on these Inverted Orbits!
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Aaron Hawks

Serrauntá and the Finding of the Five

An exciting Sci-fi-fantasy adventure novel by Aaron Hawks. When five high school friends get into trouble with the law, they take a plea deal that signs them up as soldiers. That ends up placing them in a dangerous top secret program to guard a portal to another world. All this to expunge their records. Lance, Ron, Catherine, Richard, and Wes soon find themselves in a world of magic. They find that the laws of nature don't work the same as on Earth. While on assignment, they meet a group of Elves that tell them of their fate. They are "the Five" of legend and it is up to them to unite all the good races to defend this new world and their own from an unknown enemy. The goblin king, Storm Hand, in desperation leads his army of goblins and other creatures to war in an attempt to recover a lost item. The five friends with their new allies must defend against this great threat that not only could destroy the humans but also everything in the region. Join the author as he takes the readers on a grand adventure of this first book in the Serrauntá trilogy. "Serrauntá and the Finding of the Five". 

Don F. Marrs

The Last Astronaut 

In late spring of 2250 a child is shot and killed in a West Philadelphia park. The residents of the local neighborhood are enraged; they know who is responsible and promise revenge. The neighborhood cadre spends weeks planning its retaliation.

But it all goes terribly wrong. In the battle that ensues, one cadre member is killed and another suffers wounds so severe that he is simply sedated and left, without treatment, to die. One doctor, however, recognizes something extremely rare and extremely valuable in the injured man's DNA scans and rushes the patient to ICU.

Thus begins an incredible adventure and an incredible journey. David Chou will do things no human has ever done and see places he never imagined he would see -- tropical islands, the Capitals of Europe, the Himilayas, Singapore. And ultimately, the stars.



Michael Dobson
Midnight is a book of poetry written about the author's struggles with mental illness and both its direct and indirect impact on his life and the lives of those who know and love him. Through his words, Michael describes a world few experience.
Midnight is the first in a series that takes a look at mental illness from the inside. Brutally honest, graphic and powerful, it sets a new bar for confessional poetry.
For more of Michael Dobson's work, click on over to his website.


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